Frequently Asked Questions
*Where can I get a riding helmet and boots?  Any Tractor Supply, Fleet Farm, Pleasant
Hills Saddle Shop Lakeville or Rogers, MN, or online at any horse supply store.

*Is there an age limit?  Children and teens can enjoy our horses. At times some
parents like to ride.  There is a weight limit on some of our horses.  If the child is very
young, the parent will be asked to walk along side the pony or horse while the child

*Do I drop my kids off and leave?  No, sorry we are NOT a daycare.  All children must
be under adult supervision.  There is an exception for experienced children and teens.

*What if it rains? We have an indoor riding arena and will be riding if it rains.  We will
not ride during lightning.

*How often should I book an appointment? Our lessons and riding fill up fast.  Please
book in advance as you can.

*What does "Registered Name" mean?  Papered pedigree on file with a breed
association, like a dog might have.

*What does "Breed" mean?  What kind or type of horse/pony it is.

*Is he/she full grown?  Yes, some people think a pony is a young horse, a pony is a
small horse.  Ponies by definition are under 14 hands at the wither (the highest point
of the back) that's 56 inches in human height.  A young horse would be a foal, a colt
(male) or filly (female).

*What is a hand?  One hand equals 4 inches, based on the width of the hand.

*Do Unicorns only come when you turn 4?  Yes, and sometimes when your 5!
The End