We have lessons for all ages.  We only take 3-4 students per hour. We
purposely keep our program small so each student will get individualized
attention.  For unexperienced children, in addition to the instructor, each
student will have there own handler to help and coach them.

I offer serious students the option of showing my horses.
*You will learn how to:

Get Ready to Ride:
How to Lead Your Horse.
How to Tie Safely.
How to Groom.

Its Time to Saddle Up:
How to Bridle.
How to Saddle.
How to Cinch a Girth.

All Aboard:
How to Mount.
How to Sit.

Walk, Stop and Turn:
How to Walk and Stop.
How to Turn-Direct Rein.
How to Turn-Neck Rein.

The Trot/Jog:
How to Sit the Trot/Jog.

Lope and Back:
How to Lope.
How to Back Up.

Heading Out:
Arena Etiquette.
Trail Safety.

After Your Ride:
How to Dismount.
Care For Your Horse After A Ride.
Reward Your Horse Safely.

Overall Safety.
Western Pleasure
English Hunter Under Saddle
WSCA Games

$ Per Lesson (We accept cash)  

Packages of 5 lessons are available for $, and must be used within 6 weeks.  

$  Per Half Hour Lesson (We accept cash) Click for
Horse Rides   
Lessons are 45-60 minutes long.  Please call for appointment.