Some Of Our Ponies and Horses
*These are some of our ponies and horses we use in our program.  They are gentle,
quiet animals and love what they do.  

*You can find out more about the ponies and horses on the home page. The web site
has other horses and ponies that we own.  Kassie, also barrel races, ropes and trains
Registered Name               Breed
Venture To Memphis      Paint Horse
Venture To Winnings     Quarter Horse
A Pinto Snicker                Pinto
(Pinto is not a breed, it's a color. They
have their own registry. He has a big
white spot on his belly that makes him
a Pinto.)

We call him "Snickers".
Registered Name              Breed
Lil Loot                             Paint Horse

We call her "Loot"
Registered Name               Breed
Crystal White Diamond     Paint Horse

We call her "Karlie"
Registered Name               Breed
Miss Frosty Jay                Quarter Horse

We call her "Jaycie"