Would you like to show?

I let serious riders show my horses.
We travel to several shows throughout the year, most are on a Saturday, and its a lot of FUN!

We follow the WSCA (Western Saddle Club Association) show rules.  (If you would like to join our saddle
club, I can help you with the information you need.)   

Our rigs are a 2 and a 4 horse, slant load trailer
Proper Attire:   
*Western Hat or helmet
*Nice neat long sleeved, shirt with a collar
*Nice jeans, with or without chaps
*Western boots

*English Helmet
*Rat Catcher Shirt
*Hunt Coat
*Tall English Boot

We want to be turned out neatly.
Examples of classes offered at a show are: (you will
show in your proper age group):   

Walk/Trot: Walk and trot only.  The W/T classes are
designed for riders that don't feel comfortable loping
in the show ring.  They are great classes for those
new to showing that want to experience the show

Western Pleasure: Pleasure is judged mainly on the
horse. The horse being judged on movement and
headset. The hors should have a happy, relaxed
expression and look like they are a pleasure to ride.
You will walk, trot and lope in this class.     

Halter: Shown in-hand. Not ridden. The horse is  
judged on there confirmation and suitability for their

Egg and Spoon:This class is a blast! You have to hold
an egg on a spoon and do whatever the announcer
tells you to do.  Whoever has the last egg on the
spoon is the winner of the class. You are eliminated
when you drop your egg and must go to the middle of
the arena as soon as you lose your egg.

Lead-Line:  Walk only. This class is for children 6 and
under. They begin to learn the knowledge and skills
involved in showing horses. Children have a person
leading there horse. They are judged on the way they
handle their horse. The smile on their face is
$200.00  Includes Lease of horse/pony. Plus; Hauling, Grooming, Clipping, Bathing, Banding Mane, Help with Tacking
and Un-tacking and Coaching.

Rider is responsible for their class entry fees at the show.  Cost per class is around $4.00