4-03-12 Quarter Pony, Dun Gelding
with one blue eye. We own his sire and
dam we raise one every year, these
ponies make great all around show
ponies.   "Sitch" has an amazing
disposition.  He has great confirmation
and movement.  He looks like a little
horse, not a pony. He is current on all
cares. He is easy to catch, brush,
deworm, farrier etc...  He is a safe
Quarter Pony with a great mind and
handled daily.   He has loads of dun
factor, with leg barring, and cob
webbing.  WOW, what a nice gelding!
T The Situation
                            Ziploose N Fancyfree
   Awesome Ziploose
                            Awesome Tease

   HH Dun Blazing Hot