Venture To Memphis APHA
Venture To Winning  AQHA
A Pinto Snicker          PtHA
March 18, 1998, Palomino Overo
gelding.  "Snickers" is a beautiful
palomino gelding  He is double registered
AQHA and APHA, also Pinto Horse
Association. He  has 298.5 points!.  He
also has won a NRHA class.  He is broke
the best and is a fun fun horse.  He is
such a character.
                                                                  Color Me Skip
                                Winning Colors
                                                                   Skipperetta Pick
Winning With Colors
                                                                    Connie Reb
                                Becky Reb
                                                                    Becky Lee
                                                                    Sonny Dee Bar
                               Scotch Bar Time
                                                                    Chubby Time
Butterscotch Venture
                                                                    Duster Venture
                               Rusty Venture
                                                                  Rusty Hobos Miss